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Acquiring new customers is easy using Connections. Unlike traditional package-insert programs, we get your brand into the hands of your ideal consumer using shopper data and the targeted placement of your insert inside parcel shipments from our retail network partners.

High conversion rates. By being present at the ‘surprise and delight’ moment of an online order, your offer is more likely to resonate and convert your target demo into real customers.

Work with brands that complement yours. Connections allows you to find retailer brands that complement yours and you get full control of who you advertise with.

Easy as placing an order online. You can work with retailers directly in Connections, allowing you to easily coordinate and launch package-insert programs in just a few clicks.

“It's definitely a winning channel we're going to continue to explore.”

- Connie Kuang, Marketing Director, Chef's Plate 
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Tell us about your marketing objectives, the demographic you’re targeting, your promotional offer and more.

Find Retailers

Vetted retailers bid on your campaigns and you select which ones work best for you.

Insert Promotions

Shoppers order online with our retailers and your inserts get placed inside the parcels before being shipped.

Surprise and Delight

Shoppers are surprised to receive a special offer, tailored to them, along with their online order.

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How insert marketing helps you acquire new customers

Everything you need to know about what insert marketing is and how it can help you acquire new customers and drive brand awareness.
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