1. Challenge

When it comes to washing their hair, some women are very loyal to the brands and formulations they know work, and others are ready to try anything to have an amazing hair day. Marketing to such an indecisive and hard to please crowd is any brand manager’s worst nightmare.

So how does a premium hair care brand manager overcome these barriers? The best way to reach these women is in the place where they are most comfortable and receptive: their home. Surprise them with a sample in a package they’ve been expecting.

2. Solution

We connected the brand with recommended retailers in our network to precisely reach their target audience. Over 90% of the retailers’ consumer demographic were women, ages 25 – 35, as the brand requested. We were on a tight timeline and had to deliver over 900,000 samples in less than three months. To solve for this, we suggested five retailers that distributed a very high quantity of samples per month, allowing for an early conclusion to distribution.

As part of our process, we include a handshake card with each sample where we invite our audience to take a simple survey. It helps us get the kind of data that allows for ROI calculations, and we delivered vital trial and conversion data to the brand manager.

3. Results

• Of consumers who buy competitive brands, 20% tell us they purchased the full-size product.
• Consumers that see “Damage” and “Style Trends” as their top hair care concern report bought at the highest rates (21.5% and 23.8%, respectively).
• The brand should prioritize driving product awareness over system awareness as consumers who try the product report high levels of satisfaction.