Groceryshop officially kicks off today, October 28 running through October 31 and is a one-of-a-kind three-day innovation event for both startup and established CPG brands.

While you’re taking in the first day of activities and sessions, we thought we’d highlight a few things to help you navigate the conference with ease.

Add sessions to your calendar

If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to pick the sessions you’d like to attend. They are broken up into three tracks and vary slightly by day, but generally follow these themes:

  • Track 1 – The Future of Brands
  • Track 2 – Next Generation Shopping Experiences
  • Track 3 – Innovations in the Supply Chain

As you find sessions that interest you, add them directly into your phone’s calendar so that you don’t have to keep referencing the online agenda and put a reminder notice of 30 minutes (instead of the default 15) to ensure you’re not late to any sessions.

The show floor is expansive, with over 2,200 people in attendance so you’ll want that extra time to cross the floor, or to finish up any conversations you’re engaged in.

Bring business cards

Conferences are about meeting new people and though we live in a digitally connected world, it would be a shame to not be able to quickly give someone your contact information.

The truth is that you may be in the minority of people carrying around business cards, as most people will verbally share contact details, but why spend time spelling out emails or phone numbers when you could be using that time to discuss more important things?

You’ll be meeting a lot of people as well, so based on volume alone it would be wise to have business cards on you.

If you don’t have business cards and can’t print a small batch at a FedEx or business center, then at least have your phone fully charged and ready for taking down people’s contact details, or adding them to the LinkedIn app. This brings us to our next point…

Charge your device

Smartphone battery life gets better each year, but a morning of live-Tweeting sessions, checking emails and scouring LinkedIn will still leave you at less than 10% by lunch.

Thankfully, portable chargers can be purchased at most electronics stores and hotel essentials shops.

For speakers of Groceryshop, there is a device charging station in the Speakers Lounge, located on Level 1 of the conference floor, next to the Bluethorn Meeting Rooms across from Registration.

Have hand sanitizer

This one may seem odd or obvious, but you’ll be shaking many, many hands for the next few days. With cold and flu season a short while away, it’s never too prudent to be prepared with a bottle of mini hand sanitizer.

The same goes for a pocket-sized pack of facial tissues, especially if you’re already feeling a sniffle coming on.

Energize on protein bars, snacks or fruit

Conference days are marathons, not sprints. Though there will be food accessible throughout the show, if you’re caught in back-to-back meetings, having something portable to snack on will help keep your energy up and avoid the temptation to binge when you finally do have a moment for a full meal.

Your local CVS will typically have protein bars, dried nuts and even some fruit to stock pile in your hotel room. For each day, bring one or two pieces with you to walk the show floor. Plus, conference food typically skews savoury and/or fatty, so being able to balance that with healthier options will keep you feeling fine and focused.

Take it at your own pace

There’s plenty to do and see during this year’s Groceryshop, but don’t feel like you need to tackle everything. Stay hydrated, sit down and take a break when you feel like you need one. Focus more on quality than quantity in the sessions you see or the networking events you attend.

If you do have a moment to chat, Our Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Rodic and Director of Business Development and Brand Partnerships, Lisa Jacques will be on the show floor and happy to meet with you.

We are so excited to be at Groceryshop this year and look forward to seeing you there!