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What is Insert Media? How would I run a campaign?

Insert media is a way to reach targeted customers offline by placing offers (gift cards, coupons, or other promotional material) inside the parcels of ecommerce retailers. To run a campaign, you’d simply join the marketplace, identify and negotiate directly with the retailers you want to partner with.

Why use Connections? Why is this better than going direct?

Through Exact Connections, you:

Reduce the need for extensive outreach, as retailers are already on the marketplace and are eager to to work with brands. We’re also constantly adding new retailers to the marketplace to better serve our brands.

Save time on contract and price negotiations, as our marketplace aims to make the process for launching a campaign easier.

Simplify tracking, payments & campaign coordination as all program details, distribution results and payments are managed in a single system, saving you time from looking it all up and losing things in your inbox.