We’re into the third week of January, which is typically when most of us begin giving up on new years resolutions. It’s said that about 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February 1 and only about 8% in total get fulfilled by year’s end.

Though that may be true for many resolutions, including the usual ‘lose weight’, we’re excited to see healthy eating and conscious food choices continue to trend up into 2019.

More paleo and keto? Absolutely, but this year we’ll also see more…

  • Plant-based foods (without going vegan or vegetarian)
  • – Substitutions for everyday staples, like oat milk, chickpea flour pasta or coffee made out of mushrooms
  • – Environmentally friendly and sustainable foods (6 in 10 consumers claiming in 2018 it is very important to them; an increase from 50% who said the same in 2017)
  • – Convenient foods – like healthy versions of go-to packaged snacks – and convenient preparation and procurement of food, affirming NPD’s predictions last year
  • – Growth of grocery eCommerce, restaurant delivery and meal kits, which contributed to the $16.2 billion US in eCommerce revenue from food and beverage sales last year

How do brands cut through the clutter and get their product into the hands of customers?

Several large food brands have been experimenting with offline marketing in order to meet their customer acquisition targets. Here are a few examples of what we’ve done in the past, together.

Gluten Free Granola Bar: A newly launched gluten-free granola bar brand saw a 89% trial rate and 20% claimed conversion rate when distributing their granola bar samples when targeting retailers who over-indexed in reaching middle-aged females.

Subscription Meal Kit: A meal-kit company targeting parents with young children saw a 0.92% redemption rate on their $-off gift card offer, resulting in a customer acquisition cost of $29 per sign-up.

Major Instant Oatmeal Brand ran an effective sampling campaign with their instant oatmeal, promoting a new flavor through samples included in eCommerce packages going to moms shopping at an online drugstore – they saw 96% people try the oatmeal, with 28% claiming to have purchased it in-store.

Starbucks & Evolution Fresh: Evolution Fresh, a Starbucks brand, experienced great success with their sampling + insert program with HelloFresh. Their coupon was redeemed by 5.78% of those who received it.

If you’re looking to distribute samples in 2019, we can help you replicate these results.