Open your boxes for business

Open up your eCommerce packages to a world of possibility. Surprise and delight your customers by offering samples, coupons or gift cards from complementary brand partners, while generating profit for allowing advertisers to use the empty space in your boxes.

Set your desired price. Inserts are priced on a CPM basis (cost-per-thousand units) and you decide what that rate is.

Control what goes into your packages. Connections allows you to find brands that complement yours and you get full control of who advertises with you. This means your eCommerce parcels only have the items you and your customers want – none of what they don’t.

Easy as placing an order online. You can work with advertisers directly in Connections, allowing you to easily coordinate and launch package-insert campaigns in just a few clicks.

Generate new leads. We host many retailers that already have advertising partnerships in place, but Connections helps them supplement those partnerships with advertisers they’ve never worked with.

“The customers love it. They go on Instagram and Twitter and thank the brands.”

- Mitch Spolan, EVP Marketing Services, Chegg
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Tell us about your customer demographic, outline how many packages you can offer for inserts and set your desired CPM.

Find Advertisers

Browse through hundreds of advertisers, select the ones that align best with your brand and bid on the campaigns you’re able to fulfill – all in just a few clicks.

Collect Profit

Earn profit – on top of your bottom line – for every insert you distribute in parcels you are already sending to your shoppers.

Surprise and Delight

Surprise your shoppers with a sample, gift card or coupon, inside their parcels.

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How to make money on your eCommerce boxes.

Everything you need to know about how to monetize the empty space in your eCommerce parcels and improve the customer unboxing experience.
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