I had a great call with a brand today – one that is thinking about running a sampling campaign with us.

He told me about his company and their values, the care and attention paid to small details throughout their manufacturing process, and how it all makes a difference in the quality of the product. He shared their objectives for the upcoming year. They have had some good news recently, and have reason to believe this is going to be a breakthrough year for them. He’s excited and it was fun to hear him talk about it all.

Confidence & Passion

What really struck me though throughout our conversation was how much he believed in his products. He knows they’re good. He believes that if people have an opportunity to try their products, that they will love them and become loyal customers. He spoke with confidence but also with passion. He’s a smart marketer and I think his marketing efforts are a joy for him based on the way that he talked about his products.

The thing is, I loved it and I believed it too. I was pulled right along as he told their story, and I found myself thinking about how much consumers would love his products. So now I am sitting there, and in my head, I am problem solving to come up with some creative ways to work together. (And to place an order for myself!)

Making Connections

Our company has benefited so many times from people who have made a personal effort to help us by making an introduction, or passing on the name of a talented person who might be interested in making a move, or inviting us to an event, or speaking with our team. In fact, I was only talking to the brand manager today because someone took the time and reached out to him on our behalf.  We try to take that same approach ourselves, but we’ll probably never be able to return as much as we’ve received and continue to receive.

I hope it’s because people have the same feeling talking to us, as I did today talking to the brand manager.

Tell Your Story

It’s passion that gets people with no direct connection to your results to help you. I love hearing about the family members who inspired product development, or the experience they had with a product in another country that caused them to bring something to the market and share their discovery with the world.

So, tell me why you are so focused on soil quality, why you’re so proud of your Fair for Life certification, or how much the history of your iconic brand means to you. By sharing your story, you’ll inspire others who can help you build something special.