Case Studies

Skin Care

A leading personal care brand needed to reach beauty-driven women with an innovative moisturizer.


Laundry Care

A new liquid detergent brand needed to get samples in front of the right audience at just the right moment.

Hair Care

A premium hair care brand manager needs to reach women looking for help to get the perfect hair day.


A prominent snack brand wanted to get their new baked snack crackers in front of moms, giving them a healthier and more convenient on-the-go snacking option.

Healthy Snacks

A prominent breakfast cookie brand wanted to drive trial and educate consumers looking to make smart eating choices in the morning.

Fem Care

Feminine care items can be very difficult to market and collect data on because they’re such intimate items.


The Insert Media Playbook

New to the world of Insert Media? Read the playbook to learn how to best get started on your first campaign.

The Retail Monetization Playbook

Best practices for online retailers to optimize their outgoing parcels and to improve their customer unboxing experience.

The Power of

Get introduced to product sampling through ecommerce and learn why it could be beneficial for your brand.

Connections’ Leadership Series Podcast

We created the Connections Podcast to help you accelerate your career by connecting you to some of the most admired leaders and legends in the marketing, media and advertising industry. Learn about their life story, how they got their first job, what were their successes and failures and how they overcame them. Pick up tactics that they have used to achieve success in their careers.