1. Challenge

Challenging existing product standards is both a win for a brand and a chance to reinvent a category. But it also means that brands must overcome additional barriers to trial and conversion. A leading personal care brand needed to reach beauty-driven women with an innovative moisturizer.

How do you introduce a product to a willing audience and reach your strategic goals? You sample in-home where you know your product will be most effective.

2. Solution

We helped the brand reach their target audience by connecting them with recommended retailers in our network whose consumer demographic were beauty-driven women ages 30-55.

As part of our process, we include a handshake card with each sample where we invite our audience to take a simple survey. It helps us get the kind the data that allows for ROI calculations, and we delivered vital trial and conversion data to the brand manager.

3. Results

• Women aged 25-77 made up 71% of the campaign which means that our campaign reached the target audience.
• Of consumers who buy competitive brands, 19% tell us they purchased the full-size product.
• 72% of consumers said that “product sample” was the most influential form of advertising.
• The brand should prioritize driving product awareness over system awareness as consumers who try the product report high levels of satisfaction.

Key Insights

Consumer Learning


tried the product


of all buyers were new to the brand


bought the full size


left a 4–5 star review

• Performance was a polarizing factor
• 41% of consumers shared their experience
• Aware and sharing consumers were much more likely to purchase a product

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