Sampling Challenging Products with Ease

1. Challenge

Feminine care items can be very difficult to market and collect data on because they’re such intimate items. This can make understanding data on performance, comfort, and other variables very challenging. To gain the best conversion and insights, we reached out to women in a place where they are comfortable and receptive: their homes.

2. Solution

We provided the brand with recommended retailers in our network to precisely reach their target audience. Over 90% of the retailers’ consumer demographic were women (some being 100%), with a high interest in fashion and beauty. We had an extremely fast timeline of about one month to prepare all campaign deliverables (design, print, packaging, shipping, etc.), bring the retailer on-board, and distribute the product.

As part of our process, we include a handshake card with each sample where we invite the consumer to take a simple survey. It helps us get the kind the data that allows for ROI calculations, and we delivered vital trial and conversion data to the brand manager. For this product in particular, it was a great way to get extremely valuable data and avoid any awkwardness as consumers provided it online in the privacy of their home.

3. Results

• 56% of the brand’s liner buyers report buying it exclusively.
• Those that don’t use the brand’s liner exclusively cite expense and sale/coupon motivated purchasing as reasons.
• The post-survey data revealed that trial rate shot up to 89%, conversion rate rose to 34.4%, and new buyer rate sky-rocketed to almost 24%.

Key Insights

Consumer Learning


tried the product


of all buyers were new to the brand


bought the full size


positive opinion rate

• Liners had the strongest trial rate while tampons had the lowest
• 42% of consumers purchased both pads and tampons, roughly 20% purchased pads or tampons exclusively
• 26-35 year olds have strong conversion rates, opening a opportunity to expand the brand’s consideration set

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