Sampling a Healthier Breakfast

1. Challenge

Morning snacking is on the rise. With consumers seeking healthy, portable breakfast options, there’s a growing market of products catering to these health-conscious, busy consumers. A prominent breakfast cookie brand wanted to drive trial and educate consumers looking to make smart eating choices in the morning.

2. Solution

We connected the brand manager to a retailer who could reach consumers looking for a healthier morning boost. More specifically, the campaign focused on parents and young families, college graduates, and active individuals. The retailer we recommended over-indexed in these target segments which meant that we could deliver in-context samples along with expected purchases. Welcome to a healthier breakfast.

As part of our process, we include a handshake card with each sample where we invite our audience to take a simple survey. It helps us get the kind the data that allows for ROI calculations, and we delivered vital trial and conversion data to our brand manager.

3. Results

• 49% of consumers who agreed that the product was nutritious purchased a full-size product.
• Just 26% of consumers who agreed that the product was nutritious purchased a full-size product.
• 62% strongly agree that the biscuits were delicious but only 28% agreed that they were nutritious.
• There’s an opportunity to highlight the nutritional benefits of the product.

Key Insights

Consumer Learning


tried the product


of all buyers were new to the brand


bought the full size


new flavors suggested to the brand

• Consumers’ most requested new flavors included strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon, and apple-cinnamon
• 71% of consumers were aware of the brand previously
• 51% of consumers who bought any breakfast biscuit converted

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