1. Challenge

With household CEOs responsible for everything from making dinner to scheduling the family vacation, this target demographic can be difficult to reach amidst the noise of daily life. Add to that the fact that consumers can be very brand-loyal with their household supplies and you’ve got a recipe for brand manager frustration. On top of that, it was a new brand in a category with a few dominant players.

So, what’s a liquid detergent brand to do? The brand needed to get samples in front of the right audience at just the right moment.

2. Solution

We connected the brand manager to retailers who could reach those household CEOs in-home. That sample just got a lot closer to the laundry room.

With each sample, we invited our audience to tell us about their experience with the product as well as their purchase behavior.

3. Results

• Within one purchase cycle, we saw our target consumer try the sample
and almost half of them went on to buy the full-size.
• Consumers were thrilled by the power of surprise and delight, and left reviews to prove it.
• Rich consumer data and analytics delivered actionable next steps and
key takeaways.
• People who received a sample generated majority of new reviews that year.

Key Insights

Strongest conversion?


tried the product


of all buyers were new to the brand


bought the full size


average star rating

• Powder buyers
• High efficiency washing machine owners
• Women 46+ earning more than $75,000

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