1. Challenge

Moms can be a tough bunch to reach. With a busy lifestyle that’s focused on the family, this audience is heavily targeted by brands, especially those looking to influence her purchase decisions around the products she buys for her children. But what about mom herself? A prominent snack brand wanted to get their new baked snack crackers in front of moms, giving them a healthier and more convenient on-the-go snacking option. Share just a coupon and it might never be redeemed. Offer them a sample while they’re on the go and it could be thrown away or forgotten.

The brand needed a way to connect with mom when the trial experience would convenient and enjoyable, giving mom a moment of her own.

2. Solution

By matching the brand team’s objectives with the right retailers in our network, we delivered the new baked snack crackers via parcel shipment to the homes of busy moms where they could be experienced by her on her time and in the comfort of her own home. With each sample, we invited moms to share their trial experience with us online, as well as their intended purchase behavior.

3. Results

• Nearly every post-trial survey respondent had tried the product and more than half reported they went on to buy the full-size.
• Rich campaign analytics delivered actionable next steps and takeaways on flavor preferences and competitive vulnerabilities.
• 8 out of 10 survey respondents reported actively recommending the product to friends and family.

Key Insights

Consumer Learning


tried the product


of all buyers were new to the brand


bought the full size


recommendation rate

• Moms preferred roasted or smoked flavors over garden flavors
• Consumers who buy pretzels were 13% more likely to buy this snack
• Families without kids were just as likely to convert as families with kids

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