Leverage a Growing Network


Dramatically reduce the time needed for outreach, negotiation and planning.


Only connect with retailers that are excited to work with your brand.

Cost – Effective

A self-serve platform and transparent fees allow you to cut out the middle man.

Drive Customer Acquisition


Partner with retailers that are complimentary to your brand.

Data Driven

Send paper inserts to engaged customers, driving higher conversions.


Surprise and delight shoppers with contextually relevant offers.

Create and Launch Campaigns Effortlessly


Easily specify and share campaign details with retailers.


Use the Connections platform to manage all your package insert campaigns.


Our friendly team at Connections can help you get started and answer any questions along the way.


“It’s simply a very slick platform,” he said. “It takes the friction out.”
“They [the customers] love it. They go on Instagram and Twitter and thank the brands.”

-Mitch Spolan, EVP Marketing Services
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“Exact Connections came in at only around a quarter of the brand’s average cost-per-thousand across its full range of traditional and digital media… It’s definitely a winning channel we’re going to continue to explore.”

-Connie Kuang, Marketing Director
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“That campaign over-performed on objectives and delivered a much higher conversion rate than what market research had pegged”

-Pia Ghosh,  Senior Brand Manager
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These are just some of the companies that use Exact Connections to launch their customer acquisition campaigns.

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